My Story


I lost my Mom to cancer when I was 35. On the 5th anniversary of my Mother’s death, my brother brought to my attention (while he was setting a World Record!) that I had yet to address my grief or loss of her. I realized that I needed to start looking at what I had been hiding from.

Her ashes sat in my closet for over 5 years. I always felt guilty knowing they were there and I hadn’t done anything with them. She deserved so much more but, I hadn’t found what felt right, so there she sat.

While on  a medical leave from work the solution came to me! I decided to have her ashes placed in a bead. This would allow me to create bracelets incorporating the ash bead so that I could have her with me at all times. I searched to find someone who could create the beads and this led me to an amazing artist named Jody. We started talking and I learned that she too had lost her mother when she was 18. I felt connection with her and knew she was the right fit for my project. I started making the bracelets and got such a sense of peace having a part of my Mom with me at all times.

I started sharing my journey about what I had created with others who had also experienced a loss. Through this I realized how I wasn’t alone in the challenge of figuring out what to do with a loved ones ashes. I saw that I could help people through my creation.

I started Beadloved ™(patent pending) due to the loss of my Mother with the hope that through this creation that I can help others who has lost a loved one, including their pets. I have struggled through my journey of loss and grief. I know this journey will be different for each and everyone of us. My wish is that through my creation and sharing my story with others that I can reach others and hopefully bring them some comfort like it has brought me.

Thank you for letting me be a part of your journey

– Casey

The Moon Has A Piece Of My Heart !!


When I found out that my Mom’s cancer had returned and then that it was going to be terminal I put off having children. I knew that she would need me and I was going  to be there for her. Less than a year after she died I had my first child. I knew that I wanted her to know my Mom even though she would never meet her.

So every day I talked about Grammy Patty, I would tell her stories, show her pictures. When she got to the age when she realized Grammy Patty wasn’t physically with us she wanted to know where she was. I did not know how to explain heaven to a 3 year old. So I told her Grammy Patty was on moon.

2 years later I had my second child and I continued talking about Grammy Patty. Now as they get older, they will talk to the moon, point out when they can see it and tell me “there’s Grammy Patty”. It is our special light in the sky where we can connect. So for me, the moon has a piece of my heart.