Our Process


First and foremost I am honored to work with you in this process of designing the perfect keepsake of your loved one. I hope this helps you like it has helped me!

You will receive all of your ashes back, some in the form of beautiful keepsake and any not used will be returned to you.

1) Chose your design

You can use any of my templates or I will custom create a piece for you, including any bead color, charm or additional touches you would like.

2) Mail the ashes

* A prepaid package will be mailed to you after your payment has been received. This will include a scoop and container for the ashes. I will not need more than a teaspoon. Any ashes that are not used will be returned to you when you receive your bracelet.

* If possible please include a photo and story about your loved one that I can keep. I want this to be a very personalized process and would like to know whatever you would like to share with me. These pictures and letters will be added to the book which was used at my Mother’s celebration of life ceremony. There were a lot of empty pages and now I know why. It was to leave me space to hold the pictures and stories of your loved ones.

3) Creating your bracelet

* The process of creating the bead from the ashes will take a about 3 weeks, after which I will finish creating the remainder of your bracelet.

** I recommend having bracelets strung on wire.  Stretch bracelets over time will have more wear and tear.

* After the bracelet is made I will send you pictures of the bracelet to make sure you are happy with how it looks.

* The bracelet will then be shipped to your address.